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July 16, 2018 – JOKER Plays SCORPIONS UNPLUGGED, Kallimarmaro Stadium: CANCELLED! By Nasos Kavathas

Nasos Kavathas

Nasos Kavathas


What a great idea: Having a surprise JOKER LIVE UNPLUGGED Set on the entrance of the Kallimarmaro Stadium, in the “Sponsors’ Area” just before the SCORPIONS concert!

The proposition/offer came early on July 16, unfortunately just that-bit-too-late to arrange!..

 A sponsors’ manager contacted me offering this, his thinking that I’m still in Athens, (my winter home), but I’m in Skiathos as usual – if the proposal would arrive yesterday or even early morning of July 16th, I would have the pleasure to (literally) contribute to this summer’s biggest event: in Greece is a rather common knowledge that my successful band, JOKER, does the official  ‘JOKER Plays SCORPIONS TRIBUTE’, the best and most successful Tribute ever in Greece.

In my mind I can easily be mentally there, where Great True Music thrieves – the success is a given, an ‘oasis’ among this ‘dry’ season, talking about good music.  


Supposedly, after my Unplugged Set there, I would enjoy the concert and meet again with my friends in the Scorpions band and camp.  

Well, although I‘d like to be there, here in Skiathos JOKER Acoustic LIVE is always a magic experience, Scorpions classics on the list and all, while copies of JOKER’s latest album ‘Call it Love’ selling out fast.