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Bohemian Rhapsody Sequel: The next Freddie Mercury movie (Part 2), by Nasos Kavathas

In Part 1, (read Here), we confirmed that the sequel to the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, is already in the talks. There are many ways this can be done: sequels, pre-quels, spin-off's, Freddie 'sells', why not make a 2nd, a 3rd movie or even more? With the first film ending in Live Aid, the possibilities are wide open.

Magic Years

So, after Live Aid, Queen recorded and released 'A Kind of Magic', which also serves as the official Soundtrack for the first and original 'Highlander' movie! (And what a platform to reboot -today- the 'Highlander' franchise, movies and series!).  

Only these, the above, could be enough for a Bohemian Rhapsody sequel! And indeed: a movie that could have a Freddie still alive at the end of it! (And then maybe: a third movie (!) to deal with the final dark days, towards the most dramatic events & situations).

The 'Magic Tour' was a triumphant tour - and the last for Freddie and Queen. But of course, Freddie was still active as a composer and as the great singer he was, until the very last days of his life.

The 'Symphonic' Mercury

I'm given the chance here to put some things straight, things that no one has ever written, no 'musician', no 'journalist', ever:

Freddie, in the last few years of his life, (and at the same time: his career), was more active than ever! Much of the absolutely best share of his creations occurred then, in his last years! It's, like I say: the Symphonic Freddie Mercury years. Inside those 6 years -from Live Aid 'til the end- there are many of his best moments:

He recorded four (!) Albums with Queen (A Kind of Magic, The Miracle, Innuendo and material for Made In Heaven that was released in '95), plus a lot of solo material, including the excellent 'Barcelona' album with the Opera diva, Monserrat Cabaillet.

In short: Freddie's great love for Opera made him work harder than ever. My friends, what I want to say is: Freddie's performances such as on 'Innuendo', 'Mother Love', 'The Show Must Go', are some of his 'lifetime highlights' -Freddie in 1990 was the best Freddie Mercury!

Almost all the other 'great singers' you can think of, sometimes had their low points, or even lost their range - it is normal. Freddie, on the contrary, left both the stage and the studio still rising! In his last concerts (in '86) he was in good shape, in his latest recordings: he was even better, better than ever! "The Show must go on" was sung in one take! In conclusion: Freddie's 1980 singer/artist is 'better' than Freddie of the early 70s. Freddie of the late 80s/early 90s is even better.

A Kind of Magic

As a human again, he was now settled, mature, consetrated in his arts and business. A music hero still active, though brutally struck by an insidious disease that he did not know if or when it would be fatal. Wiser, he lived and finally left as a gentleman.

Let's go back to the supposed sequel: It's not nessesary to imagine a movie with a dark, desperate atmosphere, a long whistle until the despairing finale. Even then, in 1986, there was a hope of fighting the new, unknown diabolic disease - and the truth, tragically, is that today Freddie's-alike cases have higher chances. From Live Aid to the end is six and a half years of which six are - almost - 'business as usual'. A well written scenario can handle the shadow of the illness, but for all the rest, before the conclusion, there's a heroic, mature, and still artistically rising Freddie - and the rest of Queen with him.

I can not imagine a trailer, (with 'A Kind of Magic', 'Highlander', 'Who Wants to Live Forever', 'I Want It All', the video with the kids for 'The Miracle', the acquaintance and recordings with Monserrat etc), that does not hit top public interest and then lead to an interesting movie, if done well, (debatable!) The ingredients are all there.

The sequel, among other things, could be the ultimate film against AIDS! I can not imagine why not.

Epilogue 1

So without putting my own personal criteria, I think it's likely that we will see the Bohemian Rhapsody sequel - Soon? Let's see:

If Malek is to be back, then it will probably happen pretty soon. But even if it happens later on, it could be the platform for another actor, another movie team, to capitalize on an already successful recipe.

"The movie for Freddie Mercury succeeded, why not do sequel(s)?" Sooner or later someone or something, (like this text, for example), will turn the machines on.


Painting by Nasos Kavathas

Epilogue 2

I kept 'Epilogue 1' just as I wrote it back then, when Bohemian Rhapsody was still in the cinema theaters. (As I said, this text was mostly written then). Now, the sequel to Bohemian Rhapsody is already a rumour.

Things I mentioned will surely be included in a new movie, whatever the manipulation of the script by the production team.

If I was in their position I would go for (at least) two more movies.

The first would be solely based on the 'A Kind of Magic' album and tour – a 'spin off' but still consistent on the straight line of the events and the myth. And why not resurrecting the sleeping 'Highlander' on the way.  

And then I would go for the final, third movie, with a different twist: an esoteric, artistic 'end of days' film, with still a lot of great music and vision. Barcelona, The Miracle, Innuendo, Switzerland landscapes, video-clip shootings, Freddie and his court... A movie that could have even a Fellini-styled atmosphere – but Hollywood would never go there.

In fact: I'll be surprised if the next movie(s) turn out 'better' than the poor, made-by-the-numbers Bohemian Rhapsody.

It is essential to understand that Bohemian Rhapsody's success is a Freddie's achievement. Freddie won the Oscars, not the movie-production minions.



Bittersweet taste. The Bohemian Rhapsody movie: a 'golden potato', almost a disappointment but even as it is: Freddie' s still thriving in new guises, packages and platforms.

One man, one vision. (Even a 'blurred vision' as on the maxi single version!)

But as the people, their average 'taste', lay just on the surface of things -the 'fast-food' entertainment- they make the work easy 'as a walk in the park' for the movie producers and their teams. Money will be gathered again. On the other hand: Lucky the ones that will go deeper into the music of Freddie Mercury.



The front page photo is a handmade painting by Nasos Kavathas.

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