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Bobby Rock (Vinnie Vincent Invasion): The Exclusive Interview for his book “The Boy Is Gonna Rock” (Part One), by Nasos Kavvathas

Bobby Rock 's book "The Boy Is Gonna Rock" borrows its title from the first track of the first album of Vinnie Vincent Invasion (VVI for short), track 'Boyz Are Gonna Rock . Indeed, the first article of the IntownPost that had a wide resonance was that of Vinnie Vincent's return to the world after 22 years in the shadows and in the 'yellow' publications (Read here) Many believe that Vinnie 'saved' the band KISS, (I personally think that he is the best musician who went through the band and that he 'saved' them at two different times), at a very critical moment of their career - then he made his band, the VVI, having all the backgrounds for 'world domination', all the ingredients were there. Briefly, after two 'over the top' VVI albums that are now considered 'diamonds' of that period, they had a considerable success but then, virtually: due to personal problems (and other conjunctions) Vinnie was ostracized while Slaughter, the band that emerged from the ashes of the VVI, achieved the 'platinum' run they wished for.

META(L)MORPHOSIS Bobby Rock, after VVI, has built his own highly respected career which continues to this day, (for the most recent 5 years he has been the drummer of Lita Ford's band, rocking with this iconic she-rocker), and extends to many other activities.

First of all, he is a bona-fide writer, author. 'The Boy Is Gonna Rock' is his ninth book. Other books of his have to do with fitness, health, (Bobby is vegetarian), and of course: music, since he had the will and the ability to pass on his knowledge from very early on.

Almost parallel to VVI, at the end of the 80's, a young man still, he made ‘METALMORPHOSIS’ a home video tutorial and book for drummers. He continues to teach drums by doing Drum Clinics and writing books or making videos for technical training on drums, (one of his latest being 'Zen of Drumming').

And of course, he has participated as a drummer in numerous sessions and tours with important names (of Rock music and not only) as a ‘hired gun’, session player, also releasing solo music albums such as the 'Out of body' album (2000).

Watch the video where Bobby plays drum solo along with Halestorm drummer Arejay Hale, (Read here), where Arejay enthusiastically praises  Bobby Rock for the "Metalmorphosis" video cassette and states how grateful he feels about these life-changing lessons.

In short, we are not talking about one of the usual ‘rockers-come-memoir-opportunists’ of the LA scene who swam to drugs and, as creeps, boast of cheap decadence, drug-and-sex-screaming in their books.

You will understand what I mean when you read the exclusive interview given to me by Bobby in the second part of this article. Bobby says: “..To me, those kinds of books can be very one-dimensional, because I don’t think those authors can remember too much with really sharp accuracy!  I always wanted to know more details about the tours and the sessions (when reading memoirs)” In the book "The Boy Is Gonna Rock", we get the documentation of someone with his mind intact and not of one "under the influence". With his crystal clear memory he records the golden age of Hard Rock with all the colorful, exaggerated and often fascinating details.

Written without the help of any ghost-writer after writing it all on his own, of course. - (Read the full Bobby Rock interview on Part 2)

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