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All About Eve & Julianne Regan 2019: the BBC4 Doc, the upcoming Book, a few words w Julianne and more, by Nasos Kavathas

For Greek arrticle here

Six months ago I released a “2018 AAE/Julianne Regan Retrospect”, (READ IT here and for Greek here), to wonderful reactions.

Since then there have been some developments, most notably the screening of the documentary 'Top of the Pops / TOTP / The story of 1988' on BBC4, (screened on June 7, 2019, see link), featuring the episodic incident due to a mistake made by the technicians of that live program, with All About Eve's 'Martha's Harbour' – an incident that was widely discussed then, in 1988, and it all finally worked out positively. (Watch the video I made with only the AAE parts, a full documentary link in my video’s description).

Meanwhile, these days, Julianne is writing a memoir and teasing clues to friends and fans. She also celebrates her 1999 ‘Jules & Jim’ project (w Jean-Marc Lederman) album ‘Synchronised’ with a new release featuring the whole album plus 2 unreleased tracks.

A few words with Julianne

In some of her social media statements and in a short dialogue we had in a ‘comments’ section, Julianne is adamant that there will be no AAE reunion of any known line-up.

Which I can completely understand – it happened to me too.

You don’t need any toxicity in your musical unit – and generally in your life. But…

But what about recruiting some ‘new blood’? New musicians, or even session players. (Have a look at a part of our dialogue that followed Julianne’s post ‘Where did it all go wrong/right?’).

I can imagine several ways this could work.

Many band leaders come in mind that had a ‘revolving door’ -as we call it- as their bands’ policy. And it worked for them.

And anyway, the most important talent here, Julianne, IS essentially AAE’s heart and soul.

She can do whatever she likes with the AAE moniker and her own name is as much recognizable.

So, don’t hold your breath but there might be a tiny light on the horizon.

Meanwhile, a few rare videos were randomly uploaded (both officially and by fans) plus glimpses of vintage material: photos, interviews, press releases, memorabilia, I include some in this post. And a sweet AAE official youtube video upcoming.

All About Eve Live in Glastonbury 1989 restored

The other ‘headline’ in current AAE news would be the trailer of that great gig, Glastonbury 1989, a proof of AAE’s worth. The full concert video will be premiered exactly 30 years after the event, in June 16, in a few days from now. That footage has been circulating around (fan clubs) and to have it restored, like an ‘official bootleg’, is only a good thing.

Since my previous AAE article, my view slightly became all-round-friendlier to the existing catalogue of AAE: The ‘Touched by Jesus’ (1990) album is easily a good company to the 1st two majestic albums that established the band, [All About Eve (1987), Scarlet and other stories (1989)].

(On a personal note: TBJ was released on my birthday date! And I know this is a stupid note!)

Even the 4th album ‘Ultraviolet’ (1992) with its problematic mix has its own charms – you can’t argue infinitely on the same old topics, you take it as it is. And in absence of anything new –or unreleased- ‘UV’ as the last full studio album is a worthy audio visit when you get in the mood.

(Look for further AAE and Julianne Regan solo recommendations and info on my 2018 review, linked on top).

For the hard core fans there’s these pleasuredomes and rabbitholes of material to enjoy, the demos, the video-recorded early gigs, my favourite probably being a video footage from a very early gig of 1985 at the Croydon Underground in London.

‘Keepsakes’: the 5th element 

The ‘Keepsakes’ collection (2006) is actually the perfect companion to the 4 studio albums, as it features some fascinating original new material of 2006 –‘Keepsakes’ and ‘Raindrops’ are standouts- plus plenty of other unreleased stuff and keeping a ‘Best Of’ vibe.

Liner notes are insightful and in the dvd you get all of the video clips, interviews, and then some.

I highly recommend ‘Keepsakes’ to anybody: for the listeners that are not eager to dig deeper in the AAE studio albums, this worthy collection (made by the band themselves) could be all (about Eve) that they would have to spin in their cd/dvd players.

I still believe that there was a lost opportunity for touring ‘Keepsakes’, (or at least for few selected dates), back in 2006.

The ‘Lost’ material

There are also several songs played only live in AAE concerts that never were released properly.

At least, I ordered my ‘Keepsakes’ copy, completing somehow the essential recorded works of AAE.

It’s about time to dig deeper in the two ‘Mice’ albums! – ‘Mice’ being the band effort of Julianne Regan in the 90s. Some good stuff there, a very interesting and intriguing ‘lost episode’.

Yesterday goodbye 

I do play AAE songs in my summer Acoustic Live gigs in Skiathos, mostly to English audiences. Flying those AAE sparks here and there.

In my acoustic live gig on June 8, I told the audience the whole story about the ‘Martha's Harbour incident’ at ‘Top of the Pops’ and many remembered it. Then, of course, I played the song.

(Thinking that I am probably one of few if not the only one in the world  to play live any AAE song! I even consider recording some of them great songs in studio).

So, go on, follow those links I have for you and discover those sonic beauties. (For all you need to know about AAE plus much more click the link to my previous article, on top).

Hopefully, in the next installment of my ‘All About Eve Files’ we’ll probably have something new and exciting: the upcoming Julianne Regan memoir no less.

And then I’d add: this book release could also be a good reason for some live action.

Just sayin’.

AAE Links:


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