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“Regan & Bricheno: The New All About Eve Chapter”, by Nasos Kavathas

Out of the (pale) blue, Julianne Regan and Tim Bricheno work together again – the first fruit is the song ‘Pale Blue Earth’ under the moniker Regan/Bricheno. And just before this article went to ‘press’: working on a new album is confirmed!

In essence this is the original All About Eve mostly important members reuniting.

This song-crafting pair is responsible for the vast majority of the band’s most valuable and celebrated art – and of course the ones that played and sung it in the first place. 

I wrote  recently that Julianne Is "All About Eve".

Well, together with Bricheno is like reuniting Lennon ana McCartney in the Beatles, right?

How it happened

Although I just speculate here, here are the events:

The BBC4 Documentary Top Of The Pops” (TOTP”: The Story of 1988) featured Tim Bricheno talking about the famous ‘Martha’s Harbour Incident’ (see the video, read more HERE and HERE).

This was in fact Bricheno’s return to all things AAE-related.

With that AAE-pleasant TV surprise, good reasons were set.

I can clearly imagine many possible ways of how communication got restored between Regan and Bricheno.

The first clue could be that other video, the sound-restored ‘Glastonbury 1989’ on youtube -a testament of All About Eve at their peak- that followed briefly the BBC4 doc.

But noboby expected the main players putting –suddenly- a new song out. One can’t imagine a better scenario.

Although their attitude is ‘No plans, no promises’, this new song alone puts things in perspective, AAE legacy is alive, pulse regained, no matter how they will ultimately choose to call it.

I, for one, don’t care how.

Whoever knows and loves AAE knows what Regan/Bricheno means.

Well, maybe the All About Eve moniker is worthy for a more wider audience’s knowledge – not the ‘super-fans’ but the ‘willing’ and ‘possible’ music audience.

In my recent AAE articles, (HERE and HERE), even I couldn’t be that optimistic.

These are the days that may wake up the sleeping possibility.

No ‘rented’ sidemen. Not a ‘nostalgia’ reunion.

The true makers. New music.

My entry on their facebook page reads:

‘No plans, no promises’ could be a fine name for an album’.


The only other time they re-united in the last 30 years

The lovely ‘Raindrops’ song, one of the few original songs in the excellent All About Eve - ‘Keepsakes’ CD/DVD (2006) is the one other time the names Regan/Bricheno were attached to a song.

They just can’t fail.

Even if we completely ignore the names and 'marketing schemes', we are talking about two co-creators with proven talent and chemistry.

It shows in the new song as well as in the full list of ΑΑΕ’s first albums, those chestfuls of diamonds.

Working on a new album confirmed! Happiness in the AAE fandom

Euphoria is the word that encapsulates what happens now on the AAE and AAE-related fanbases.

‘Pale Blue Earth’ is already a statement. It’s not even for sale (yet)!

It’s not even a ‘plan’ or a ‘promise’ – it’s a fact.

More so, after the heartwarming response, Regan/Bricheno announced that more songs are in a working process!

Co-incidentally or not, a short “All About Eve ‘Transmission’ 1989 TV Interview” video resurfaced on youtube: it features Julianne and Tim, Regan and Bricheno, giving details of how they formed AAE.

Watch those videos in this article and listen to the music and the narrative.

Co-incidentally or not, since I started caring again and writing articles (HERE and HERE) about Eve, more news happened in a few months than in decades.

A lucky charm ?

Well, I would even join the band if they took me!

Like when Julianne joined Jesus Loves Jezebel after writing articles for them!

Half-joking aside, next time we talk ‘about Eve’ will probably be about something even more exciting.

My bets are already on the table.

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